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Personalised Gifts for Kids that Sing Your Child's Name!
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Unique Personalised Birthday Presents

Our personalised gifts make perfect birthday gifts.



These aren’t just amusing and liked by children and parents alike, but also for very educational!


Every birthday is a special mark in our lives. This is especially true for children! Every year they learn new and more complex things as well as progress into new interests and activities… We have unique personalised gifts that will not only make you and your children happy but are also very educational and helpful in many stages of their cognitive development.


From Newborns To 3 Year Olds


CD_Green Unique Personalised Birthday PresentsOur personalised CDs and Music Players are perfect gifts for very young children!
We have 3 different albums available in CD format, every song features the childs name and the label of the CD is also personalisable with your own message. This makes these CDs perfect for a birthday gift! You can write a message on the label that allows you to personalise it for the child and for the occasion, for example, “Happy 1st anniversary Tom”. My Music Vol.1 album also contains a happy birthday song that will sing the child’s name! It couldn’t be a better birthday gift for a young child… 🙂


Bunny_Blue Unique Personalised Birthday PresentsOur personalised Music Player sings 12 personalised songs, one of them the happy birthday song, it serves as a night lamp, it’s rechargeable, it has a microphone that allows you to record a message or your own stories and it can hold over a thousand of your own songs! This is also a great solution for a young child’s birthday present.


These songs teach great values like being kind to animals, exercising and being happy at home or outside. They are also super educational with songs that teach them how to count to 10 and to learn and like their own name!






4+ Year Olds



Clock_Mauve3 Unique Personalised Birthday Presents

Our top selling personalised gift is the Sing My Name Alarm Clock. These are personalised Alarm Clocks that sing the name of the birthday child! They are excellent as they are real and
fully functional Alarm Clocks that are completely silent during the night. (they don’t “tic”) The alarm sound in the morning sings a wonderful song featuring the child’s name. The lyrics of this “Wake Up” song tells kids to brush their teeth, wash their faces, dress up and numerous other healthy morning habits!


These personalised Alarm Clocks are wonderful tools to teach 4 to 6 year olds the time and help them start managing their own schedule, very valuable knowledge for their future!





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