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Alarm clocks from Sing My Name can make teaching telling the time a breeze

Teaching your little one to tell the time can be a daunting and challenging task.  The hands of the alarm clock are different in length and move at different speeds, and can confuse children.  They must also be able to understand that there are 60 seconds in a minute, 30 minutes in half an hour and 60 minutes in an hour, and so on.  Reading time on an analogue clock often involves fractions, and children must have an understanding of halves and fourths before they even begin to read the time.  Though children will be taught to tell the time at school, practicing to tell time at home will help children learn faster, and get a better grasp on reading the time from a young age.

While there are so many gadgets and apps that can help you with teaching your child tell time, a cool, fun alarm clock for kids from Sing My Name can do the trick better.


How can alarm clocks from Sing My Name help your child learn the time?

Firstly, all our alarm clocks come with cute themes such as a fairy design, a horse design and more, to make learning time fun. The handles on the clock are clearly visible and the clock has clear bold numbers, which will make learning to tell the time easier.

To add to the fun, alarm clocks can be programmed to sing your child’s name as part of the lyrics.  All you have to do is select a song, tell us your child’s name, and our clocks can be programmed to sing a wake up song featuring your child’s name.  We have a huge selection of names and you can have your child’s name spelled and pronounced exactly the way you want it to be.

Fun, affordable alarm clocks from Sing My Name

Our pink fairy design clock will not only help your child tell time, but will also complement the design of your child’s room.  This beautifully illustrated clock is enough to appeal to any child, and will help them to learn the time with ease.

If your child loves horses, then why not get your little one the pink horse design clock?  Colourful and wonderful, it’s a charming addition to any child’s bedroom.  Every little car enthusiast will love our blue car design alarm clock, which features 3 cars on the face. These fantastic alarm clocks make great gifts for children, and can also be fun novelty gifts for adults as well.

If you would like to know more about our personalised children gifts, please contact Sing My Name by emailing info@singmyname.co.uk

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