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Personalised Gifts for Kids that Sing Your Child's Name!
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Learning the time can be more fun for children with our cheerful and colourful range of customisable children’s alarm clocks. These clocks will make a fantastic addition to any child’s nursery. They sing a song with your child’s name in it, and bring plenty of joy to waking up in the morning!

Music is something that all children love, so why not have a look at the joyful musical gifts available at Sing My Name? Our products can make perfect gifts for birthdays, christenings, Christmas, or any occasion.


Personalised kids’ clocks to bring fun to the morning

Kids simply love music, which is why they will adore our range of children’s clocks. Imagine their joy when the alarm goes off and the clock sings an entertaining “Wake Up” song that includes your child’s name in the lyrics. Popular around the world, our children’s clocks can become the perfect start to the day for your children. A thoughtful gift which can help your children learn to tell the time, these are also a great way to get them into a routine of waking up on time.

These colourful singing clocks for boys or girls will put a big smile on your child’s face. They can also make a funny novelty gift for adults on special occasions such as a retirement or a birthday. So look no further than our colourful and bright customisable kids alarm clocks to make an ideal educational gift for children or an amusing gift for adults.

Being an analogue alarm clock, rather than an LED digital clock, means that you can teach your child the right way to tell the time.  And even though it looks like a traditional double bell alarm clock, instead of having a bell alarm, it sings just for your child when the alarm time is set, which will certainly get their attention both for learning the time, and waking up, more than a traditional clock!

Personalised singing gifts children will love

Sing My Name is the best place to go for delightful personalised gifts that kids will adore. Unique, unusual and playful, a range of gifts can be found at Sing My Name, including singing soft toys and musical CDs.

Personalised soft toys include teddy bears and bunnies, all of which can sing to your child. These cuddly, cosy and colourful personalised soft toys are a hit with children and can include a wake up song or a lullaby, both of which can include your little angel’s name. Another great unusual gift idea is a personalised music CD, which can have as many as 12 tracks with fun songs that can feature your child’s name.

And if you want a clock for kids that has so many features – from the personalised music, to the sweep mechanism with no ‘tick tock’ sound; the fact that it is an analogue clock, not digital; has a snooze function; can be programmed as an MP3 alarm clock; or programmed to be an extra loud alarm clock; and is a great unusual gift for boys or girls, or a novelty alarm clock for adults, this really is the best personalised children’s clock that you can buy today!

Look no further than Sing My Name for fantastic gifts that provide children with many hours of fun and cheerful songs.

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