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How to finely adjust the alarm time on our kids’ alarm clock

A quick post to refresh in people’s minds a little video we did a few years ago, which we know a lot of people found handy! This one is just about one subject – how to set the alarm time absolutely perfectly on our kids alarm clocks!

Now, how hard could that be, right? It’s a kids’ clock, we’ve set the time and the alarm on these things for decades, right? And it is easy, but actually being an analogue alarm clock, to get the time exactly right, and not 10 minutes early or late, there’s a particular method we use here at Sing My Name.

Our personalised clocks for kids feature your child’s name as the alarm, and that helps them wake up happy, but they still need to wake up at the right time!!! We especially don’t want them up too early [wink wink].

Which actually brings up the subject of sleep training as well. Many of our customers have told us that they use our products as a sleep trainer clock (sometimes called “OK to wake”), which was never a function we purposely built in, but because children are so engaged by hearing their name in their own special song, parents who have told them “you can only wake up when you hear your name being sung”, have had a lot of success. Similarly, because kids love their personalised song so much, parents can offer it as a reward before going to bed, a little ‘incentive’ similar to reading them a story, that signals it’s time to go to bed!

So there’s a little secret in the video below on how to set that alarm perfectly, please check it out if you want your kid’s clock to wake them up right on time!

And also please see our whole range of boys and girls alarm clocks for kids by clicking on the link. Great as an unusual birthday present, christening gift or unique Christmas present for children of all ages!

⇐ Go back to the blog | Published on: 12th October 2020