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Our old Bunny Kids’ Music Player, versus our NEW Bunny Kids’ Music Player!

A quick post about the difference between our old and new kids’ music player!  For the past few years we’ve been selling our bunny MP3 players, which as with all of our personalised gifts for children, sing using your child’s name – of course!  They’ve been pretty popular, but we made some significant upgrades this year, some based on feedback, and some just because we’re always striving to make a better product!!

So here, I’m going to go through the improvements between the two, so you can see how our music player for kids is even better than ever!

Here’s our old model:

IMG_9534-225x300 Our old Bunny Kids' Music Player, versus our NEW Bunny Kids' Music Player!Blog

Just for fun, I’ve shown her posing in front of the highest mountain in Mayotte, a tiny island in the Indian ocean you’ve probably never heard of 😉  I was there on holiday, and bunny always travels with me to pose for photos!  So, design-wise old bunny was a little controversial – most people liked it, and many people really loved it and said it had a kind of Japanese cool about it. But, there were also people who really didn’t like it, so we thought we’d better do it the democratic way, and put it to a vote!  So we sent a mail out to all our registered customers and Facebook followers.  And the results came in – new bunny won!

So now we had the new design, but what about features?  Well since we were now working with our long-time partner factory who are always accommodating in wanting to make the best product possible, they were happy to work on upgrading almost everything!

Blue-Bunny-300x300 Our old Bunny Kids' Music Player, versus our NEW Bunny Kids' Music Player!Blog

So… here’s the list of upgrades…

  1. Now includes a Bluetooth speaker! This is the biggest upgrade we made, as we know people buy plenty of Bluetooth speakers on their own!  You can now easily connect your phone, laptop, or other Bluetooth compatible device to Bunny, and he/she will play music streamed from it in high quality sound.
  2. Double the memory!  Our previous MP3 Music Player had 4GB, enough for over 1000 songs. Now you can store 2000 or more!
  3. Brighter Lamp – New bunny’s whole face lights up
  4. Selectable lighting modes – New bunny’s ears can light up in 36 different ways!  Flashing, gradually colour changing and solid ‘night light’ mode.  They’re still lovely squishy silicone that you want to squeeze!
  5. Bigger battery capacity – double the rechargeable battery capacity for lots of time between charges.
  6. Files can now be deleted through the MP3 player interface. This should have been in the old version – we admit it! 😉

We hope you’ll agree, our new Sing My Name personalised Kids’ Music Player is not just the best Music Player around in looks, but now has so many amazing functions that it’s also the best value for money!

So if you’re looking for a children’s MP3 player, or a Bluetooth speaker, then our new Bunny gives you both, along with a night light and a ton of other great features.

Click to check out our product page for our beautiful new Music Player Rabbit for Kids.  An amazing and unique personalised present for boys and girls – you won’t be disappointed.




⇐ Go back to the blog | Published on: 27th October 2020