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Personalised Gifts for Kids that Sing Your Child's Name!
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Christenings are such a wonderful occasion to celebrate. But, what should be given to the christened child? We suggest gifting them with something unique. Sing My Name has a range of wonderful unusual christening gifts which will put a smile on the child’s face.

It is not always easy to find something unique for a child, if only they could upload their wish list online! Why don’t you take a look at the unusual gift ideas from Sing My Name? It might just be what’s needed to make your decision.


Unusual and musical christening gifts

Have you ever noticed that children love music? They sing and dance joyfully along to the songs they hear on the television or radio. So why not give them a gift which exclusively sings a song for them? Or several of them? Or why not have the whole music album dedicated to them?

Sing My Name offers you an array of unique gifts: personalised soft toys, children’s alarm clocks and musical CDs that include the name of the child within the song. A beautiful and unusual christening gift idea, it will tick all the boxes for the little angel. Unique and sentimental, these gifts will accompany the kid throughout the childhood and even further on in life. Look at the following gift ideas provided for christenings:

  • Personalised soft toys- adorable toy rabbits and toy bears can become unique gifts as you can have them sing a ‘Wake Up’ song for the child. Now, imagine the toy sings to the child and includes its name in the lyrics. A lovely gift. It will become the child’s best friend.
  • Personalised alarm clocks- kids simply love our alarm clocks. A great gift idea, it can also become an educational gift; which helps the children learn about the time. What’s more, the clock sings for the child-when ‘wake-up’ time arrives. With beautiful designs available it is the perfect gift and a great addition to their childhood.
  • Personalised music CDs- children will be over the moon when they hear that a whole album of 8-12 songs includes their name in the lyrics. Sung by a professional singer, the CD includes fun and educational songs. We think it is a wonderful and unusual gift for christenings.

If you are looking for personalised gifts, look no further than Sing My Name to provide unique gift ideas that children will adore. Musical, playful and quirky, these gifts will also make them laugh and smile.

Sing My Name: Your source of unique personalised gifts

Is a child’s christening approaching and are you still thinking about the perfect gift? Don’t worry; Sing My Name has got you covered with beautiful gifts for children. Singing soft toys, colourful children’s alarm clocks and musical CDs are all presents that will make children smile and sing along. Original, educational and unusual, these gifts carry a special meaning and commemorate a special occasion.

Sing My Name is your source of cheerful and unusual gifts, suited to a number of occasions, for both children and adults. Don’t wait any longer, take a look around!

If you’d like to find out more unusual christening gifts, give us a call today at: 0207 183 6562 or email us: info@singmyname.co.uk


⇐ Go back to the blog | Published on: 20th November 2013